General Information

Overview of the Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services LLC (EBAS ) essay exam:

  • EBAS assesses an individuals understanding of ethics and boundaries in a professional setting
  • EBAS has profession specific exams
  • The examination is offered at no long term commitment or charge to board
  • Delivered at computerized testing centers throughout the world.  Exams are available six days a week
  • Examinees have maximum of 60 minutes (per essay).  PLEASE NOTE: select this link to review the Test Plan;
  • Examinees will NOT receive a score at the testing center at the end of the examination.
  • Essays are evaluated by seven trained graders (professionals with regulatory experience to include current and prior board members, legal counsel and Executive Directors)
  • Upon finalization of the scores, the Score Report is sent to both the licensee and their state board.  Please note, it may take anywhere from two (2) to four (4) weeks from the time a licensee takes their exam to receipt of their Score Report.  Licensees need to factor in this period of time when scheduling their exam and especially when considering their sanctioning deadlines
  • Each essay has a maximum of 16 points; 12 points is a passing score.   For detailed information on score reports as well as EBAS’ retake policy, go to  “Score Reports”.