STEP 1:  Application Form and Fee (to be completed by licensee)

You must submit an application to EBAS by either:

  1. Entering your information online and submitting it electronically to EBAS. Click here to apply online.
  2. Printing a blank application, entering the information manually, and mailing it to EBAS.

The mailing address for applications, required forms, and examination fees is:

901 54th Avenue
Greeley, CO  80634­

Please read and follow all instructions when completing the application form.  An application will be rejected if:

  • It is improperly completed, incomplete, or illegible;
  • It is submitted without correct and guaranteed funds, such as credit cards, bank drafts, certified checks, and money orders. EBAS does not accept business checks nor personal checks;
  • The licensee has provided false or misleading information on their application.

Licensees who choose not to apply online should request delivery confirmation when mailing their application.  Further, in the event you mail the application, you may wish to send it with return receipt requested.  EBAS assumes no responsibility for misdirected mail due to incorrect or illegible address or postal error.

Licensees are also encouraged to keep a photocopy of their electronic or manual application and payment receipts for their records.

EBAS does not limit the number of times a licensee may take the EBAS Essay Examination; however, the authorizing agency can limit the number of times a licensee may retake this exam.

Step 2: Agency Authorization (to be completed by board)

Upon EBAS verification of your completed application and appropriate fee, EBAS will notify your state authorizing agency electronically.  The authorizing agency must complete the Agency Authorization and Score Request form.

Step 3: Confirmation Email (provided by EBAS)

A confirmation letter will be emailed to you after the application has been verified (to include the required application form, guaranteed funds, and agency authorization).  The confirmation email contains specific contact information regarding appointment scheduling at PearsonVUE Testing Centers and your Examinee ID number.

Step 4: Schedule Your Exam (provided by PearsonVUE Testing Centers)

After receiving your confirmation letter, it is your responsibility to make a testing appointment by:

  • Contacting Pearson VUE Customer Service at 866-993-8825; or
  • Scheduling an appointment online at

To find the testing center nearest you:

  • Go to;
  • Click on “Locate a Test Center”;
  • Type your address and state;
  • Click on “Search”.

The screen will then display a list of testing centers in your geographical region.

If you want to postpone a testing appointment, Pearson VUE should be contacted no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled testing appointment for fees to be applied to your new appointment.

Step 5: Retake Application (completed by licensee only if necessary)

If you are required to retake the exam, another application form must be completed and submitted indicating it is a retake, along with the appropriate fee.  For complete instructions, return to Step 1 above.

For more detailed information on the EBAS Retake Policy, click Score Reports.