Test Plan

The E&B Essay Examination covers the following areas:

  1. Boundary Violations (licensee with client/patient/staff, including sexual and/or harassment misconduct – both verbal and non-verbal); 
  2. Fraud (coding violations; falsification or alteration of any documents; fraudulent insurance billing/activities); 
  3. Professional Standards (quality assurance issues; safety concerns; negligent performance of duties to include improper diagnoses and/or treatments; inappropriate client/patient management; substandard documentation); 
  4. Substance Abuse (drug and alcohol misconduct or violations);
  5. Unprofessional Conduct (inappropriate behavior; practicing with invalid or suspended license; aiding and abetting unlicensed/illegal activity).

 What EBAS Measures

The Ethics and Boundaries Essay Examination gives agencies a tool to assess an examinee’s understanding of ethical and boundary issues as they apply to a professional setting.

The EBAS Test Plan outlines the importance of understanding ethics and boundary issues in the workplace in an ethical and legally appropriate manner.  Successful completion of the ethics and boundaries essay examination requires that the applicant demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding and judgment pertaining to appropriate ethical and boundary protocols.