Examination Process

PLEASE NOTE:  The following information applies to the essay examination format at the PearsonVUE Testing Center:

  • You are required to read and accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  If you do not accept the NDA within a given amount of time, you exam will be timed out and you will forfeit your exam fee;
  • You will be given a white board for any notations during the exam;
  • You will receive a tutorial before the essay examination begins, as well as instructions on how to navigate through the exam screens;
  • You have a maximum of 60 minutes to develop a 4-part essay response for each case scenario;
  • A time clock is located in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen and will track the time used.  It is your responsibility to monitor the time available to complete each essay.  If you fail to complete your essay response and are timed out, you will not receive a score for that response.
  • You will receive a “WARNING FLAG” at 10 minutes before the time is up (e.g. at 50 minutes out of total 60 minutes for each essay);
  • You may navigate back and forth between the “text box component screens” within the same essay by using the back/forward buttons.  However, please note the scrolling feature as found in the EBAS website is not available at the Test Center;
  • If you complete an essay before 60 minutes have elapsed, you must click “NEXT ESSAY SCENARIO” in order to proceed to the next one;
  • Once you have moved to the next essay, you may not go back to a prior essay;
  • At the end of the exam, you will be offered the opportunity to complete a post-exam survey.  EBAS encourages you to send a written e-mail notification of any concerns within seven (7) calendar days from the date of the exam.  Consideration will be given the written e-mail request during the Post-Exam Review Process.