In the event you wish to cancel your application, a written e-mail request to cancel must be received by EBAS.  If a written e-mail request is received by EBAS a partial refund will be issued as indicated in the chart below.  EBAS will issue refunds within 3 weeks after receipt of the written e-mail request.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must also contact PearsonVUE to cancel scheduled seat time, or no refund will be offered.

E-mail cancellation requests to

EBAS will refund the following amounts:

From full exam $930
From exam retake, two essays $300
From exam retake, one essay $150
All administrative fees No refund

EBAS will issue NO REFUNDS if:

  1. You fail to take the examination;
  2. You apply, but take only a portion of the examination;
  3. You fail to comply with the testing center’s policy and are therefore unable to take or complete the examination;
  4. Your examinations have timed out at the testing center due to failure to read and accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement within the allotted time.

If you fail to complete the examination for any of the above reasons, EBAS will not carry over, nor will it transfer, applications or fees.  In this case, you must submit a completely new application with the correct fee when applying for examinations scheduled for a later date.

Emergency Cancellations by Pearson VUE and EBAS

In the event of an emergency or administrative irregularity that may affect examination delivery, EBAS reserves the right to make adjustments in examination administration procedures, to withhold the reporting of scores, and/or to order the re-administration of an examination.  An emergency or administrative irregularity may include, but is not limited to, any natural disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, fire, etc.), power failure or other facility breakdown, which, in the opinion of EBAS, would affect the validity of examination scores.  PearsonVUE will make the decision regarding examination cancellations.  Contact both PearsonVUE or EBAS with regards to rescheduling your exam appointment.

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Customer Service                                                                 Administrative Services
866-993-8825                                                                        888-676-3227