Score Reports

By submitting an application to EBAS, you give EBAS express authorization to provide a Score Report, exam results, to you and to the board requiring you to take the EBAS examin. You will NOT receive a score at the testing center at the end of the examination.  Each essay is scored by seven trained graders (professionals with regulatory experience to include current and prior board members, legal counsel, and Executive Directors), none of whom are from the examinees state. Upon finalization of the scores the Score Report is sent to the examinee as well as to their regulatory board.  The Score Report will be sent via USPS.  It may take anywhere from two (2) to four (4) weeks from the time the exam is taken to receipt of the Score Report.  You will need to factor in this period of time when scheduling your exam and especially when considering your sanctioning deadlinesYou must understand that release of an official Score Report does NOT guarantee acceptance and/or licensure by any board.  Further, once Score Reports are released, scores are final!!  Each essay has a maximum of 16 points; 12 points is a passing score.  Attaining an EBAS recommended passing score does not under any circumstances guarantee acceptance by the regulatory boardEach individual licensing board has the sole authority to determine how to utilize the essay examination results. You should therefore contact your state board for score requirements and other considerations.

Release of Score Reports

EBAS will only release score reports to you as well as to the board that requested or required the examination (both are complimentary and included in the exam fee).    EBAS will not release a Score Report to any additional board without receiving a  e-mail request/authorization from you to release the Score Report.

Retake Policy

  • If a licensee scores below 12 points, only the failed essay topics from the original examination will need to be retaken.  Topics will be from the same areas as originally designated with new scenarios randomly selected.