Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services, LLC (EBAS), was established in 2013 to address the post-licensure testing needs of regulated professions concerning ethical and/or boundary issues. The Ethics and Boundaries Examination is a computerized essay examination that provides a tool to assess a licensee’s comprehension of ethical and boundary issues as relevant to the professional workplace environment.  Successful completion of the EBAS Essay Examination requires the licensee to demonstrate an understanding of appropriate protocols and judgments necessary in the interactions with clients, staff, and co-workers. This exam demands accountability for public health and safety concerns from the licensee.
The EBAS Test Plan is based on licensing input from regulatory and other agencies regarding the importance of understanding ethical and boundary issues.  Agencies, at their discretion, use the Ethics and Boundaries Examination scores in their evaluations of licensees for disciplinary action, revocation/suspension, and/or license lapse.
EBAS provides the following benefits:
  • “On-Demand” scheduling format six days a week;
  • Computerized testing centers throughout the United States;
  • Assistance to agencies in evaluating a licensee’s comprehension of ethical/boundary issues;
  • Supports agency’s mission of PUBLIC PROTECTION.

EBAS Mission Statement