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Who We Serve Testing Mission

Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services, LLC (EBAS), was established in 2013 to address the post licensure testing needs of regulated professions concerning ethical and boundary issues.

A few of the unique features of the Ethics and Boundaries Essay Exam

• Essay scenarios are realistic ethics and boundary situations
• Timed essay exam
• Test is not profession specific
• Trained Graders have licensing and
• regulatory experience
• Multiple graders scoring each essay
• Delivered six days a week at secure testing centers throughout the U.S.
• Offers independent third party evaluation

This exam requires the individual to demonstrate an understanding of appropriate protocols and judgments relevant to their profession.


Successful completion of the essay exam requires the examinee to compose a response to scenarios, one from each of the Test Plan topic areas.

• Boundary Violations
Licensee with client, patient, staff including harassment concerns, both verbal and nonverbal.
• Fraud
Fraudulent billing, coding, falsification or alteration of any document, performing unwarranted services.
• Professional Standards
Quality assurance issues, negligent performance of duties, safety concerns, improper diagnoses or treatments, improper client patient management, improper records and documentation.
• Unprofessional Conduct
Inappropriate behavior, prescription forgery, aiding and abetting unlicensed activity, practicing with revoked suspended license.
• regulatory experience
• Substance Abuse
Drug and alcohol misconduct or violations. <

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services, LLC (EBAS) is to provide post-licensure appraisal of the moral compass of ethically-challenged professionals. Ebas primarily serves as an agency dedicated to assisting regulatory/licensing agencies in their evaluation of a licensee's understanding of ethical and boundary issues relevant in their professional workplace environment.

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